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Functional Water for Prevention and Treatment of Diseases


Most comprehensive must have review article! Scientific enough for the scientists, but simple enough for the layman!

This article was written in 2010 when I first really started investigating the research behind ERW. I presented it at the undergraduate senior research conference that fall. As I read it now, years later, I realize there are some fallacies, inconsistencies and inaccuracies in the document (not in a general view, but from a pure scientific perfectionist view). However, all in all, it provides a great and powerful overview of ERW. Please note this is not peer reviewed itself, but does cite the reviewed literature. However, some references are still lacking simply because I did not insert them not because they don’t exit. It will be seen that this is not a completed project and is only available because I do not have planes to finish it because I am working on a better scientific review that will be published in a high impact factor peer reviewed journal (which will not be available to the public and will be difficult for a non scientist to comprehend). Again this was written years ago and my understanding and that of the scientific community has changed significantly.

However, like I said this still provides great information and is a valuable tool to those who are desirous to learn about functional water. Actually, considering all the information currently available anywhere this PDF hands down is the most comprehensive and accurate information available. It covers in detail the history of “miracle waters”, ionized water and now hydrogen water. Nothing compares to its value!

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