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This is the big one! Near 350 pages of single spaced PDF document that is densely jam-packed full of scientific answers!!! I answered questions on Facebook for nearly a year when someone would ask a question I would do some literature searchers, reading in medical texts, etc. and write the most accurate and current answer in Microsoft word, and then I would post the answer to the question. Therefore, this document contains almost only my answers thus assuring it is densely rich in the science. Questions ranging from basic and complicated areas of electrolysis and chemistry to those of biochemistry and physiology! It contains rebuttals to naysayers and also refutes numerous unscientific and or false claims that get people into trouble and cause them to lose credibility and ultimately sales.

This will give anyone the confidence and a surety that science is on their side when they talk to their friends, coworkers and peers. This information will answer virtually any questions a distributor or prospect can have! Get your questions answered now!!!

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